It’s the story of family and passion. Founded in 2011, Growing Young Snowboards by Aloha is the vision of experienced rider, Jared Hill, and his engineering mastermind father. Together this duo has managed to create snowboards of uncompromising quality and craftsmanship with a genuine passion for boarding and the true spirit of ‘Aloha’. Certified California Made, our small, but mighty crew carefully handcrafts each and every snowboard to perfection from our Aloha Products factory in Amador County, California. Growing Young's snowboard craftsmen are not just R&D wizards, but are riders with a passion for the outdoors. What you get are dope riding boards that satisfy your need to ride the toughest slopes under any condition.

Aloha Products is not only about snowboarding – it is a lifestyle. A no limits perspective on life that keeps us ‘Growing Young’. 



Aloha's stance on social responsibility is that it is a lifestyle to value each other and the environment we all share. That means making everyday business choices based on what's right, not what is easy.



Aloha's Wood Cores are sourced from FSC certified wood, responsibly harvested within
the United States. Our scraps are reused for small projects or recycled.


Our H-Tech uni-body base is made from 100% recycled UHMW responsibly sourced
from within the United States. The scraps get sent back from whence they came.


At Aloha, we use locally sourced renewable bio-based low VOC resins.


We only use water-based eco-friendly sublimation ink. Nothing toxic around here.


Our focus is on purely American made boards. We are CA Made certified and work hard to support
other California-based suppliers. That means less energy and emissions used in transport and
we get to support other American manufacturers in the process. Win-Win.


Our team is valued. That means a fair wage, benefits and a safe, healthy working environment.
Yes, it costs us more to have our boards manufactured locally, but knowing that
we are contributing to the livelihood of American families is worth it.